Saturday, January 7, 2012

The perils of pregnancy

So, although I am doing considerably better with this pregnancy (because I know how to manage the nausea and sickness better) I still am sick.
For example, this morning at 3:40am I woke up because I felt like I was going to puke. Then I got that saliva in your mouth feeling like it is coming. I slowly turned over in bed, reached for my nausea pills. I popped one in my mouth with a quick sip of water and layed as still as I could for 5 min. breathing through my nose and focused soley on not puking. It worked, which I am very thankful for...and then I got to sleep until 7am (thanks to Jay):)

I also get the nauseated feeling during the day if I have not eaten for around 2 hours. I have had a lot of pretzels, crackers, and fruit around for those situations. Between 3-5pm is sometimes hard because I am in the process of finishing up school and picking up Jay and I forget to grab a snack.

On the other hand, my days are so much better than the last pregnancy. I am doing more than just functioning. I am a generally happy person and I can teach to my full ability the majority of the time.

Other annoying things would be that I have not been able to kick this dry cough I have had for over 2 weeks. I also am noticing it is harder to pick up Jay when he is not wanting to go somewhere and squirming.

I am excited to post about the best parts of pregnancy and the news from our ultrasound sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there1
Glad you're better than last time.

Sarah said...

Glad to hear you are managing better! You're a little over half way! I'm counting down the days and wish it was only hours for our little one to show it's face - trying to be patient! I'm excited to hear what you are having!