Monday, January 2, 2012

The rest of break

Since I am still on break today, I will update with a few things that have been happening.
John and I did a lot of cleaning and organizing early last week which was great because we need to clean up the room for BABY. We find out in a few days if it is a boy or a girl and I am very excited. I think it is a boy because of the heartbeats, but I could be wrong.
Since I am not taking a masters class this semester I am so excited to have more time to myself. This meaning I don't put Jay to bed, do homework for an hour and go to sleep. I even found myself perusing Facebook and Pintrest. Nice. I was inspired to make my own chicken/turkey soup. I created my own recipe and at first it was too watery, but then I found a potato soup mix I got for Christmas, and put about a 1/2 up in. Now it is DELICOUS!
Tonight I am making a spiral ham and inviting the neighbors over. It feels good to be cooking again, because I realized how much money I was spending on take-out and already prepared grocery store food...and because I think I can stomach it better now.

Of course John and I have been cleaning, but Jay's favorite thing to do first thing in the morning is to dump out his large plastic container of toys and lay in them.

I also took out our old SLOW laptop because I wanted to get some music off it and Jay claimed it as his personal computer. I don't mind if he pounds on the keys to play free games (where you press any key to get something to happen), so he had a blast.

Because I got a nap almost each day I got ambitious one day and hauled out the potty. We set it in the bathroom and practiced sitting on it without clothes on (but still with a diaper on). We never actually did any more with it but Jay was intrigued. Later that day when I was doing something in the kitchen I heard him playing and assumed he was pretending to do laundry. I was right, but when I found him he had dragged his potty into the hallway and used it as a chair to "fold" the laundry. He usually finds all the socks for me:)

Other than that we have been hanging out with our neighbors more. One has a 3 and 1 year old. The other has an almost 2 year old and they are awesome. We even went to a bouncy castle place together. Jay has a BLAST. I knew going there with 5 kids 3 and under (one was watching a friend) would be a challenge, so I didn't even try to bring my camera.
Back to work tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The soup looks good.
Love the pic of Jay with the computer.
G-ma N