Thursday, February 2, 2012

19 months (jay) and 24 weeks (me)

19 months
Jay is now 19 months old and he is changing every day. He learns a new word every other day and now says: applesauce, tebow, orange, more milk, bye-bye see-ya, balloon, peas, straw, and other words I can't think of right now.
He loves to dance to music and is pretty cute when dancing. He also likes to jump up and spin in circles until he is dizzy.
Coloring and skyping with grandma help the time go by too.
He is really enjoying a Veggie Tales sing-a-long DVD we are borrowing from a friend.

Because I am working full time I really appreciate how cute he is and how funny he is. I love watching him kick his feet in his car seat, point to things in books, and give me cheesy smiles just for fun. I love how attached he is to monkey, and how snacks and baths will always put him in a good mood. I don't mind the occasional battles when coming in (from outside), getting in the car seat, or not getting candy because I am not dealing with them all the time.

He was really easy to understand "yeah" (shaking his head violently up and down), or "no-no" until 2 days ago when he came up with the word "yeahoo". WHAT does that mean?

24 weeks (25 tomorrow).
I went to the doctor this week and they said I had only gained 2 lbs since my last appointment. That is great news because I feel like a whale already, and I was afraid I was gaining too much weight.
Size of baby: I am measuring at 25 weeks (at 24 weeks) so I’m assuming the baby is growing great!

Cravings: Cookies (with frosting on them), hearty main dishes, doughnuts (I only had one but it was soo delicious), raisin bread with cheese, yogurt with granola, pina colada starburst.

What I love: Sleeping a little better this week, not as many Braxton hicks contractions as last week. Going to bed at 9:00 and considering it normal

What I'm looking forward to the most: buying a swing and a new diaper bag. I need to really decide on a theme for the office/nursery. I am thinking more about Jay’s sports room instead and that is fun, but this new baby needs some of my creativity too.
Also, even though breastfeeding was hard and somewhat painful at the beginning, I grew to love it even thought I wasn’t exclusively breastfeeding last time. I wonder if it was because it was one of the only ways to keep Jay from crying when he was so colicky, or if it was a nice bonding experience for us. Either way, I hope it works out for this one too.

Worries: Glucose test at the end of the month…that stuff is not good tasting, but I remember it being not as bad as I thought it was going to be last time…let’s hope it is the same way this time. Also, I am trying to remember what my sister said last time about how to pass the test. I remember she told me some things to eat and not eat (but I can’t remember what) and that instead of sitting down after I drink the stuff, I should walk around. I did and I passed. Any other advice? I am hoping for an under 8lb baby (because they are sooo cute when they are tiny), but I’m sure either way he will look super tiny compared to Jay:)

What is different this time around: Thinking about how we are going to do everything with 2 kids. More about how I am going to do everything with 2 kids this summer when John works 6 days a week.
This time I get more of a say in the name. I am still trying to come up with good middle names, and I’m not sure we have found one. I kind of want to stick with one syllable for the middle name. I welcome any ideas, but it is hard because I’m not sharing the first name;)

Symptoms: I had a headache yesterday which I think was associated with neck and slight back pain. I am putting a wedge by my belly at night to help me sleep better. Other symptoms- Pregnancy brain: Today I had a bunch of extra bags and I had to take Jay to the babysitter which John usually does in the morning. When I finally got to school I realized I forgot my “school bag” at home with my lunch, my shoes (I was wearing boots), my keys, my hat and gloves, my snacks. Grrr. Then I found out we were celebrating my birthday (random) so I went down to the lounge to check out the snacks: coffee, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and strawberries. All my favorites, but since I can’t eat coffee or chocolate when I am pregnant (it gives me heartburn) I stuck with strawberries and went to the closest convenience store for some more food. I bought a burrito (which was too spicy so I gave it away), some yogurt (for 1.09), and a donut (which was heavenly!)
So back to symptoms: Heartburn is a big one. I really like eating red sauce and tomatoes, but it is not an option right now.

Sleep: Some nights I will be a light sleeper, and some nights I will have crazy dreams and I can’t believe it is 6:10 when my alarm clock goes off

Movement: Big kicks- and many times throughout the day. I can’t remember if I felt Jay this much –this early –especially during the day while I was teaching.

Hmmm not sure about that, but I am still eating right now to be functioning and not nauseous, so that is what I will continue.

Milestones: Hmm…I loved saying “both my boys are kicking at once” tonight when Jay was kicking and baby was kicking in my tummy.
Jay can pretend to feed the baby (our mini-cabbage patch doll) with a fake bottle I got:)
Amusing comments from the general public: A first grader said to me today “are you getting a baby?”

Best moment of the week: Laughing with Jay. I love the baby in my tummy, but I am really savoring the moments that I can give all my attention to Jay and teach him things.


Anonymous said...

Yes, enjoy the one on one time with Jay while you can!...but, it'll be SO much fun watching him interact with the baby...and, he'll be a big help! Cherry

Chelsea's Attic said...

I remember being really sad when I was pregnant with our second that I would only have so much time left with Chloe as an only child, but as soon as the second one came, it was like my love multiplied instead of divided. Being a Mom is the greatest. Tough, but great. :-) Happy Birthday! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Lots of info.
You learn to deal with each step of raising kids a little at a time. :)