Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random things

We were about ready to eat supper together (we do that sometimes now if Jay and I can wait long enough for John to come home) and John was finishing watching a Tebow video on YouTube. Once we started eating, Jay - who normally says "moor peas" (more peas) or "moor neese" (more cheese) said: "moor Teebow?"Jay will randomly break into songs of da-da-da-da..-da-da-da and it is really cute!

I finally have a theme idea for the nursery (at 28 weeks pregnant). I think we are going to go with a music theme, and I am still deciding the color scheme. It is between this:
and this:

IF I can actually get this material.

Has anyone ever had 2 baby monitors in their house at once? Did it work?
We hope to have Jay successfully switched over to his big boy bed before the baby comes so he would be able to open the door by himself to come get us if he would need to, but I think it would also be nice to hear if he is sleeping or not. We don't have a big house, but I have BAD hearing, and the doors really do keep a lot of the noise out. Even if the baby is sleeping right next to me in the bassinet I still want him (baby) to have the monitor on because we have an angel care monitor that senses movement of them breathing...and helps ME sleep much better. Just thinking about random things that I probably don't need to be worrying about.

Remind me never to: figure out flex benefits, work on taxes, re-finance the house, and decide on new insurance in the same month again. Too many numbers!

Jay is so stubborn right now. He HATES to get in his car seat most of the time, and when he is tired I have to FORCE his butt in and hold him there for a bit before I can attempt to buckle him in. He is a pretty good sport every where we go, and enjoys talking to people and checking everything out. Occasionally I carry him out by his waist while he is kicking and flailing his arms, but not for lack of trying to reason with him. (The last place it happened was the McDonald's play place). 

I am happy with how well I have been able to manage Jay when I am with him all day. I am still lifting him (although I probably shouldn't be at this stage in pregnancy) and we have a lot of fun together (especially when I get to take a nap when he does).

I tried "Five Guys Burgers" for the first time tonight. It was a delicious burger that I should only have once every very-so-often because it is probably horrible for you:)

While Jay and I were gone for the afternoon-early evening, after he got home from work, John cleaned the entire house including vaccuming, dishes and toilets. I was SOOO happy.

I love Pintrest for organizing all my boys room ideas!
Jay is looking a little more like John every day. Here is a picture from Christmas time with John holding Jay. Notice the picture of John when he was 3 in the background.

Well, the time is approaching 9pm, so I should be approaching BED so I can function tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

More Teebow How cute!
Cute colors for the nursery.
Glad you're feeling pretty good.

Clare & Tim said...

I love that guitar pattern! So cute. Rockstar in training :-)