Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have never been a sewing lady.
My mom sews (and fixes all my clothes that break), my sister sews (and makes the cutest bibs, printed shirts, and other fabric toys), my sister-in-law sews (and makes dinner napkins, monogrammed overalls, and other kids apparel) so I have never even wanted to sew. Lately some of my blogger pals have gotten into sewing more and made cute dresses (BabyMakingMachine), and church bags (UpWithEllingsons).

It still has not inspired me to sew. On the other hand, the fabric swatches I found online are sooo adorable. I have so many great ideas for the nursery, and most of them start with fabric. I found the fabric I want on
They even have a cool feature called a design wall where you can pick lots of different fabrics.
The one I want is in the top left corner and the two in the bottom right corner (which are also some of my favorites) are back ordered and not scheduled to be in until April sometime.
Now I need to decide what to do with the fabric I want to order. I don't do crib bumpers (because I am paranoid and they recommend not having them now to help prevent SIDS), so that is not an option. That also means that although baby blankets would be cute for the crib, I wouldn't actually put a blanket in or on the side of a crib (because I am paranoid). I have a big area for curtains, but I can't decide if the guitar pattern by itself is to busy for big curtains (top of window to floor). I could do a solid (or semi-solid) color for curtains and put a strip of guitar pattern on the bottom, but then no one would likely see the guitar pattern because there would be stuff in front of it.

Should I do the full length curtains? Do you have other ideas of what to do with the guitar fabric to help it be the centerpiece of baby's room?

As I was pondering this and hanging out with Jay tonight...I realized that the only pair of PJ's I have ever bought him from a store (thanks to hand-me downs and grandmas) are these monster PJ's in the exact colors I am loving for the nursery.

Please share your thoughts:


Anonymous said...

Wish I was more creative...which I'm my only suggestion would be to look at photos of decorated nurseries online to get ideas for styles of nursery drapes/curtains....I do think that having the guitar pattern in a full length curtain would be way too should just accent with it somehow...e-mail Dee for ideas! Cherry

Amy Boren said...

I think you could do full length curtains if you have solid neutral wall colors.

Maybe use the fabric like wallpaper and do a border on the curtain wall and have it border continue through the curtains (cut the curtains in half and sew the border in between the 2 halfs) does that make sense.

Use all four fabrics you like and cover some square pieces of foam or wood (like your canvas picture in Jay's room) and use it as art.
Make large throw pillow for the floor to make a reading nook.

make a crib skirt (like a bed skirt)

upholster a chair with the fabric...I think I know how to do that

Amy Boren said...

Oooh! I just saw a great idea on pintrest. Make fabric boxes for storage (diapers, toys, whatever). I put it on my "things to make, or have somebody else make" board and put your name on it.