Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nesting? and an addiction to parenthesis...

I have really enjoyed my days off lately (especially when the weather is over 60 degrees). I am still not as productive as I would like to be -because I get tired easily- but am happy with what I do get done.
This week was a whirlwind again, and even John told me I looked like a wreck on Friday night.
On the other hand, we have accomplished quite a few things in the last 2 weeks: We hung a bunch of pictures and a lamp in Jay's room. (His big boy bed comes on Wednesday) so after it is in place I will take a few pictures of the close-to-being-finished Sports room with Orange and Navy colors. We put together some of the swing for baby (If we attach the seat part we are afraid Jay is going to break it). We got our taxes done (now just waiting for the refund $:)). I ordered a new diaper bag (and got $10 off and free shipping). John bought a suit jacket (originally $160), 2 t-shirts, and a 5-pack of socks from Kohls and with all my coupons and discounts only spend $58 total! I ordered a sheet for baby's crib. I am starting to make a magnetic bulletin board for Jay's schedule. We decided on a playground set for the backyard, but are waiting for the tax refund to buy it. I have taught Jay new things like sleeping on a little mat with a cute lion pillow at other people's houses so we don't have to bring the pack'n'play. I also finished the yearbook at school (which is a huge accomplishment). I organized our "basket of random papers" into folders.

I don't know if in the end it is considered nesting to do all these thing (or even to buy a bunch of things), but It has made me happy about baby and where we are at with Jay and the school year. It has been hard because John has been working 6 days a week a lot of weeks lately, so getting those things done is nice.
I have some funny videos of Jay (he is changing so much lately), but I can't upload them now. Maybe tomorrow:)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been
really busy!
Hope to see pics of Jay's room