Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art for the nursery

I saw this on Pintrest the other day:

and decided that I could make something like that in Photoshop very easily.  (I have Photoshop Elements 6.0)

Here is how I did it:

Cool lines tutorial

1.                  Open a photo.  If it is color – go to enhance- convert to black and white. Choose ok.
2.                  Drag current layer to new layer to create a new layer with the same picture on it.
3.                  With the new layer selected, go to edit- define pattern. Name it and hit ok.
4.                  Throw new layer into the trash by dragging it there.
5.                  Go to filter- stylize- find edges.
6.                  Press control+I
7.                  Bring up levels by pressing control+L
8.                  Push dark slider in a bit to get rid of small gray areas. Then click ok
9.                  Go to the brush tool and choose a normal brush.
10.              Paint out the extra lines that you don’t want to show in your image (around the sides if they are not needed).
11.              Choose the magic wand tool. Make sure “contiguous” on the top is unchecked.
12.              Click once in the white to select the whole area.
13.              Do control+J to copy the selected area into a new layer.
14.              While still on layer 1 choose filter- blurr- gausian blur
15.              Choose a number that gives it a good blur (4-7 is usually good for normal size pictures)
16.              Go to adjustment layer(half black and white circle) and choose pattern
17.              In your new layer, click in the white box.  Make sure your background color is black, then press Control+backspace.
18.                  Choose adjustment layer (half black and white circle) choose solid color.  Pick a color.
19.                  Under layers, choose the blend mode COLOR.
Here are my finished pictures:


Anonymous said...

WOW...what will you do with them?

Anonymous said...

Is that for the baby's room?
They are cool!

Rob and Christine said...

I really like that! Christine

Lori said...

insane. that was awesome!