Monday, March 26, 2012

Jay at one and a half

I have been cleaning the basement lately, so Jay has stayed busy jumping on his tramp.
 I bought a big bag of smarties, and hauled up the Easter eggs, so we have had an Easter egg hunt like every other day (with one smartie in each egg) and he gets 6 eggs each hunt.  We mostly hide them in his bedroom.

 We have been baking together...this is his first "licking of the frosting beater" experience.  Today when he was putting the marshmallows in the rice krispie bars he took a bite of one and said "nummmy".

 He also LOVES driving the car (and pushing all the buttons).  He cries when we get home and I try to take him in the house right away took cook supper instead of letting him playing in the car.

 He also LOVES playing with the "choo-choo's" in the basement.  Here grandpa is setting up a new track for him.

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Anonymous said...

I love his little
plaid shirts.
G-ma N