Thursday, March 18, 2010

some pictures

Here is the nursery before paint:

Here it is after paint:

We don't really have any nursery furniture yet, so I included the pack n play to make it look more like a kids room. The furniture in the room is John's, and we can't afford a whole new set, so it stays:) I found some stuffed animals I had laying around and some kids books and put them on it.
I want to get a new curtain rod, and then decide what to do for curtains. Maybe black out curtains because the window faces east?
I was home for the last little bit that they painted, but I was too sick to take a picture.
Thanks John and Cherry!
Here is a classic "don't make me smile for a picture honey." pose from John. I bought him the shirt from a thrift store because he always drinks out of a mug that says the same thing on it at church.


Anonymous said...

Looks really good!

Kt said...

Love the wall color!