Tuesday, March 23, 2010

27 weeks

So I made it to 27 weeks!
Here I am wearing my new drawstring skirt (new from Goodwill).
Getting bigger!

Yesterday I had a prenatal appointment. I had my glucose test which I was dreading...but it actually wasn't that bad. I ate regular breakfast in the morning, an apple for a snack, and ate crackers and cheese for lunch before my appointment (so I wouldn't have much sugar in my system already). When I went in they gave me a cup of lemon-lime flavored sugar drink (which wasn't as much, or as thick as I thought it would be). They let me drink water afterwards to wash it down, and my sister recommended that I walk around before they took my blood (rather than sitting in the waiting room). It was 60 degrees outside and I walked to the library about a block away. I just had to be back in time for my blood test an hour later which was easy. They sent the blood away for results- so I won't know until later this week if I passed, but I figure I did what I could do:)

I also learned at the appointment that I didn't gain any weight this month (which was probably because of the horrible cold I have had). Regardless, the baby is growing perfectly (he measures at 27 weeks), and as long as I gain weight for my next appointment in 2 weeks I should be fine.

My midwife didn't give me anything for my cold/congestion/cough, so I guess I am just toughing it out for another week (then if it doesn't get better I need to see my regular doctor again).

I think I have actually felt like me for a few days this week. (Besides the head cold). I think my nausea has gotten better (still not completely gone- but a lot better). I really hope this continues!!!
I have needed a lot more sleep- and have taken quite a few naps lately. I can't decide it it is because:
-I didn't have the sleepy/exhaustion earlier in the pregnancy and now it is hitting me
-My head cold is making me sleepy
-The extra weight/hormones are making me sleepy

Baby is moving a LOT more now. He moves a lot after I eat, and when I lay down to go to sleep. He hasn't kept me awake at night yet- but I'm guessing it will happen soon.

I'm trying to eat a bit more because of the lack of weight gain. My favorite snack this week has been strawberries/blueberries and yogurt or ice cream. Today I tried some "greek" yogurt I tried because I got for free (it was on managers special and I had a coupon which doubled.) It was good.
I also had a craving for carrot cake with cream cheese icing yesterday. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Luckily- one of the teachers at my school who is an amazing baker made cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and left a few in the teachers lounge for us. I got one- YUM!

It was 60 and beautiful yesterday, now it is snowing and has already accumulated over 2 inches. I'm hoping for a snow day- but if it doesn't happen there are only 3 days until spring break which isn't bad:)


Kt said...

You look fantastic. And by the way - we sound so alike in our cravings. I've been cutting up fresh strawberries with frozen yogurt for dessert! Yum!

Anonymous said...

You are looking good.
I like that outfit.
Hope your tests turn out good.
The fruit looks great!