Saturday, March 20, 2010

26 wk pict

I just realized even though I posted on my blog twice this week, I never posted a 26 wk picture. Here it is...a little late.
I was kinda bummed that my new Old Navy maternity jeans ripped a hole in the knee when I bent down to fix a computer at work. Oh well.
I still have my miserable cold, and I have my glucose test on Monday...Yuck!
I did get a lot of pregnancy/birth/after birth reading done during the standardized testing I proctored this week.


Anonymous said...

You're still looking good.
Hope you get over that cold.

Lori said...

those mat. jeans are sweet. sucks that you got a hole in them.

you're getting big!!

call me tonight & let me know how the test was! :)