Sunday, March 7, 2010

25 weeks

Well I made it to 25 weeks!
I tried to not take my nausea pill on Saturday morning and...I puked. It was kind of a bummer (and it didn't feel good), but at least I know it's not just in my head and that I do still NEED it.

I'm reading the first book I have read since our honeymoon (over 4 years ago). Disclaimer: I am addicted to blogs and magazines, and reading is not a pastime for me although I have read a few chapters of books.
The book is called: "The Birth That's Right for You". It is written by a Dr. and a Doula. It basically presents a lot of options and lets you choose which you think would be ideal for you. It does state very clearly that things don't always go as planned, and that no two births are the same. It makes me want our childbirth class to start- but that isn't for over a month.

I had a great conversation with a friend who is a nurse at the hospital I will be going to for delivery. She reassured me of many things, and calmed some of my concerns about labor/delivery. She also informed me that they are a "serve the customer" type of hospital and I felt assured when she said..."If your not happy- pretend they won't take your coupon and fight to get your way":) I don't know that I will know what is best for me over the Dr.'s and Nurses there...but it does make me feel better.

Baby is moving around a lot more now. I still feel pretty crumby at night. I sleep with 4-5 different pillows so I am always comfortable but the nauseousness still gets to me. I guess I assume that a kicking baby is a healthy baby even if it makes me feel icky.

I think I may end up with a simple nursery theme. After thinking and debating and trying to make decisions about it...I decided to do some couponing instead:)

I might add more thoughts later, but that's all I can think of right now:)


Anonymous said...

You look good! I like that top.
Every baby comes a little differently.:)
Glad you learned a little about your hospital.

Kt said...

Looking great! That books sounds super interesting. I've made it clear that we're going into it with the goal of a natural, no-medication birth. But at the same time, I'm allowing myself to change that decision if I can't handle it, or if something needs to change for medical reasons.

I think the main reason we're having a doula doesn't have to do with her helping me and being my support system (because I think hubby will rock at it!), but I want someone there to explain things to us who only has our interests at heart. Doctors and nurses are working for a hospital and although I am part of their interest, they have so many other competing interests. I recommend reading "Pushed" - it helped me better understand the hospital setting for births. With a doula there, if the doctor or nurse is suggesting doing something differently, I can have somewhere there who knows this stuff, and why doctors do it, and the risks and benefits.

Sorry that was so long! Basically, I think it's awesome you're doing your research - so good to be informed!