Friday, March 26, 2010

My little monster

I haven't really loved any boy theme I have seen yet...until now. I was shopping at Kohl's (with my 30% off coupon) and stumbled across some items for a boys room that involve monsters. I have thought about a monster theme before- but then decided it might be too scary for a baby. Who wants all kinds of crazy googlie eyed things with sharp teeth staring at them? right? (Alleke wouldn't:)
Then I bought the "hug me" onsies I showed in this post: 25 wks.
After finding these really cute items, I think I like the monsters. They were 60% off the original price and I got an additional 30% with my coupon, but that still didn't make them cheap.
I'm bringing the growth chart thing back because it doesn't match well enough, but the bookends and the "my little monster" picture frame are adorable.
Here is a monster piggy bank and a "family" frame that was also on sale.

I found this "baby sleeping" pillow at Ross.
I wasn't feeling good tonight (again- it seems my nauseousness has returned in the evening hours and in the middle of the night:() but I was still very happy because I love my monster stuff.


Lori said...

love love love it!!! that baby sleeping pillow is an awesome idea!

good theme. :)

Clare & Tim said...

The monster idea is awesome. I haven't seen that theme yet!