Saturday, January 10, 2009

Using coupons for overage

I posted my shopping trip from today on my other blog:
..but I wanted to highlight one purchase to encourage coupon use:)
At Target I found some Colgate Total toothpaste on clearance for 1.24.

I had 2-1.00 Target coupons for it from the last time I got it (and made money on it).
I also used 2- 1.00 manufacturers coupons. (after I ran out I used .75 coupons)
Because you can combine Target coupons and Manufacturers coupons I got .50-.75 overage on each tube of toothpaste.
I did 3 different transactions, so I could retrieve more coupons from the tips of the packages, and continue getting overage.
The other items are so they wouldn't owe me money on each transaction:)
(I also used 3- 2.50 manu. coupons for Electrasol dishwashing tabets, a 1.00 Target coupon and 1.00 MC for Curel lotion, and 1.00 Target coupon and .75 MC for the toothbrush)
=total for all items: 2.27

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Anonymous said...

What a deal!