Friday, January 23, 2009

How saving rubs off

John has never been a spender...but when he married me, he may have gotten more "frugal dutch" than he bargained for. Nevertheless, now he too is more conscious of saving.

Last week when I asked if he needed anything from the store, he listed a few wishes...and then added "if it's on sale" :) He gets me.

Friday, after a long school week, I was exhausted. I walked in the house and came over to talk to him. He promptly handed me a little black bag and smiled.

I looked inside and found a beautiful necklace. I feel like Valentines Day came early. He was ordering a new wedding ring online earlier this week (the other one has been lost for a while) and got something a little extra for me!

The best that he got it FREE.
I'm pretty into couponing and store deals, but I should really try to the online deals more. His sister is pretty good at the online deals, maybe it runs in the family.
Kudos my man.


Anonymous said...

No way! that is awesome! Where did he get his wedding ring? Maybe when Kyle orders his new one he can get me a free necklace!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!
Happy Valentines day early.

Kelly Cook said...

Maybe Johnny can talk to Jeff a bit more about little gifts for little wife... hint hint!

Lori said...

that's gorgeous!! Wow!! Nice job John.