Friday, January 30, 2009


I teach a blogging class to middle schoolers- and this week I gave them each 2 candy hearts, they had to take the line from the candy heart and write a blog post about it. One student got "I love you" and wrote about his top 5 favorite rock love songs. Another got "goodbye" and wrote about the time their dog died. THIS one was also pretty funny. My candy heart said here are two things that are "awesome".

1. I have been trying to figure out what appetizer/salad to make for this church group thing I have on Saturday. When I took a look at the grocery ads for this week I had a great idea.
Fruit Pizza.

Strawberries were .99 each at one grocery store and blackberries were .88 at the other. I was also planning on getting .88 blueberries, but they were I got a banana instead. Cream cheese was .79 and I had a .25 (after coupons)sugar cookie mix from a few months ago. YUMM.

Awesome thing #2. An 8th grader whom I teach became my T.A. earlier this year because I was helping him create a video for the Congressional Youth Leadership Council. I gave him some basic direction and pointers along the way, and he created the video. He submitted the video, and waited until Inauguration week when he was in Washington D.C. to see who the winner was. When he came back this week he told us HE WON! Because he won the video contest, he was one of 5 students out of 2,900 middle scholers who got to have lunch with former Vice-President and Noble Peace Prize winner AL GORE.
Today his picture was on the front of the local paper shaking hands with Gore!


Anonymous said...

I see you are a favorite teacher!
That's cool to hear.

Tim Coons said...

That's wonderful! What an honor for the student and for you as a leader/teacher in his life!