Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just another day...

I haven't posted for a while...but life isn't that I will tell you about my day:)
When I got dressed, I combined a jacket I got this summer (clearance at Target), a pinkish top (clearance 1.50 at Gordmans during Christmas break) and garage sale pants (1.00). I think it turned out pretty nice!

During breakfast I watched the news about the wildfires in Boulder, CO. The news-casters actually called 911, because the flames were getting very close to some houses in an out of view area and there were no firemen around.

Then I went to school and taught my classes, which went fine. (The picture is me at school)
Apparently, it got up to 70 degrees today. Too bad I never saw light outside, except on the ride to school and the ride home.
After school was workout club...but it was "game day" so we played hockey with sticks on the gym floor (along with situps, planks, and other workout stuff).
Then I came home and made pizza. Yum.

Now I will probably cut up my pineapple (that was on sale for 1.00 each last week), and watch some TV online.
Man it is nice to be feeling better!

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Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that you are feeling much better. Being sick makes you appreciate being healthy most of the time.
Outfit looks good, pizza looks good, but the fire doesn't look good.