Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Rodeo

Every January, we go to the National Western Stock Show in Denver with John's family.
This year was no exception. I even got a shirt for the occasion (I know I'm a wannabe).

John took care of Camille most of the time, even holding her while she slept.

JT mostly hung out with Grandpa.

We saw bull riders and lots of other things. I'm not sure where the rider is in this picture.

and horses...(by the was at least 60 degrees outside today!!)

and draft horses..

and these monkey cowboys who rode collies and rounded up longhorn sheep:)
look closely...

The monkeys herded the sheep to the top of the truck!

There were plenty of photo ops:

What a great time! Enjoy the tons of pictures Davina:)


Anonymous said...

Neat pictures.
What a fun weekend!

Lori said...

Where's your cowboy hat? :)
Actually, I was looking at your headband, thinking how much I absolutely LOVE the headbands you gave me for Christmas. I wear one every other day, it seems. It spruces up the no-showered-look very nicely.
The shirt is rather interesting, but if your a wannabe, than it's a definite necessity. :)
Camille and JT are so cute. I can't believe they left their hats on!
Oh, and I REALLY want to see a cowboy monkey sometime. That sounds like PURE ENTERTAINMENT. I'm serious!