Thursday, May 22, 2008

Windsor Tornado 2008

Hey all,
Today at 11:45 a tornado hit Windsor(where I work) and went right over-top of our building as we were huddling in the bathrooms with the kids that hadn't gotten picked up yet. We dismissed at 11:25, and I was helping kids into their cars...until it started hailing...then it was LARGE hail. We ran back inside, and I stopped 2 little girls who were going to ride their bike home and brought them inside. Then we went to the bathroom because of the tornado. I snuck out for a second to look, and I saw a big wall of DARK clouds. Durning the tornado we heard a lot of clanking, but nothing too bad. Our roof stood up and we(teachers and kids left at school) were safe. After the tornado, I grabbed my keys and phone from my room...and a school camera. I took a few pictures outside school because most of the cars had windows blown out...then there was a gas leak at school so we had to get out. We moved to a workout club down the street because there was another tornado warning.
After I finally got to leave, I went to John's shop down the street, and there was a lot of damage. I took a few photos before cops started yelling at me to get away (the wind was still blowing...but there was no danger).
John's truck was at the shop, and it surprisingly had little damage also. (It is in the "restricted" area of town and he supposedly won't be able to get to it until Saturday sometime)
It took me an hour to get home because of closed roads, and I had heard that Milliken had a tornado too...but it wasn't that bad...and our home is fine...except we have no power. We drove to Greeley so we could watch the news with some friends.
(We just got power back this morning(Fri.) I'm not allowed back into school for a while because of a gas leak...but that whole are is "restricted" and guarded by cops, so we couldn't get on the roads if we tried.
Picture # 1

Pict #2

Pict #3

Pict #4

Pict #5
Click on this one and you can see a lot more damage inside.

Pict # 6
building just north of John's

Pict # 7

Pict #8

Pict #9

Pict #10

Pict #11 My teacher friends and I waiting out the second tornado warning in the workout club locker room.

Pict # 12

Pict # 13
Building just south of John's

Pict # 14
Building just west of John's - Notice the crane in the background is still upright

For those of you who are is a map of where things are:


JessieJo said...

Angie, I'm so glad to hear that everything is ok with you guys. If you need anything, just call. Really! If you find out anyway we can help others, let us know! Jess

Lori said...

Oh my gosh. That's amazing.
I can't believe that. Like I said before, you had to get out of Iowa before you really experience a tornado. Crazy huh?