Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Tornado Pictures

If you haven't read the last post, scroll down so the rest of this makes sense.
Today we went through 3 security check points (behind John's boss) to get into the restricted area so we could get John's truck out...but it was worth it. We walked around and looked at the damage for at least an hour. Here are a bunch more pictures:
The work truck was parked right next to John's...and it had a lot more damage. (see the huge dent in the bed)

His truck did amazingly well in comparison to this one which was about 30 feet away,

and this one,

and this one! (check out the big tanks in the back that tipped over too)

He was very happy once reunited with his truck.

We also saw a lot of power problems.

Here is the inside from the back, of the creamatorium.

The Doctors office 20 ft south of the shop building.

The "alleged" coffin holes.

Hole in shop roof.

Back behind there they are putting tarps over the daycare roof.

Roof beams coming out of the building just next door.

We decided to take a walk to look for the trailer that was parked out back of the shop...that was missing.

We found it in the middle of a dirt feild.

It had no wheel marks we assume it was picked up and dropped out of the sky. Here is is closer.

Here is one of my favorite pictures...a tree just ouside the shop with a beam wrapped around it.

My cousin Jason (and his wife Jamie) came out to help from Denver.

A few from the drive over to the shop area:
Stripped trees.

We just Thank God that lives were spared during this disaster.


Anonymous said...

What a mess!
It will take a lot of time to clean up and rebuild.
Glad no one in town was injured.

Justin and Nicole said...

holy cow! those coffin holes were especially creepy! I'm so glad you guys are ok!