Friday, May 2, 2008

personal thoughts

Most of the time, this blog is kind of like a show and tell. Today I'm going to make it more personal. I think my change of heart for this one post is because I know the people who read my blog (for the most part) and I think they might find it interesting.

I have been true to my Dutch heritage, and I have really tried hard to get GREAT deals these last couple of weeks. I think it has worked, and I have gotten a lot of things for very cheap or free. (plus I will be getting a lot of free samples in 4-8 weeks:) For all the work I put in clipping coupons and making sure I go to certain stores and double checking prices at the register...I have come to 2 conclusions. I love getting deals, AND it is a LOT of work. You may see I have added the "money saving mom" blog to my list of "other blogs I look at" on the side. At least it is a time in my life when I do have time for it.

Here is the free stuff I got this week. Actually the body wash ended up costing me 29cents. I didn't get the basket free, but I really liked it and it was on sale.

I also went to a large church garage sale where you could fill a box for a dollar this morning. I didn't exactly "fill" the box, but I got the stuff I wanted.

Another thing I was just looking into is how to get the government coupons for $40 for a TV converter box. All you (who like us) are on the "rabbit ears" plan need one sometime in the future. Next February the nation goes digital and......well you all know the rest. Here is a website I found helpful:

In other personal notes... I always get a really bad headache (like really bad so I can't sleep) that lasts for a day, about once a month. I couldn't really tell if it is a migraine-(cause I don't know what they are)- but it hurts in my neck, sinuses, head and sometimes my stomach gets upset.
I was telling a co-worker about it the other day, and I said that IBuprofen doesn't help (though I usually take it anyway), but popping M&M's usually made me feel better:) (I attributed that to the released endorphins when you eat that make you feel Happy.) I told her "It's hard to be crabby or upset with kids if your eating M&M's:)"

I had a revelation about the underlying cause when I read an article in the Sunday paper insert. The article summarized: Lots more women then men get migraines. Many get them around a certain time every month. Quoting writer Dr.Mitchell-"Shifts in estrogen levels seem to be the key when it comes to migraines. Part of a woman's cycle involves a slowly but consistently rising level of estrogen, followed by a rather rapid decline as progesterone shifts into high gear. It's during this "estrogen withdrawal" that women are most susceptible to a menstrual migraine." Treatments in the article included a combination of caffeine and acetaminophen (Tylenol), aspirin and Tylenol or prescription medications. WOW! The M&M's (caffeine) really do help:)

We have a king size bed, and the fitted sheet keeps coming up on the sides and slipping off. I have 2 different sheet sets and both of them seem to fit well when i put them on, and then after crawling into bed and sleeping 1 or 2 nights they start coming up on the side and we have to tuck them back on the corners. I don't remember having this problem with any other size bed, but maybe I just need new sheets. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a magic solution?

That is the end of my ranting and raving for today:)

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Anonymous said...

Hey thou bargain hunter,
Good work!
LOts of free stuff.
Our sheet did the same thing, so I sewed an elastic band (about an inch wide and 3 feet long)) about a foot from the bottom (on both sides) and put the band under the mattress. The sheet doesn't stay perfectly flat, but it stays on.