Saturday, June 2, 2012

Andy's Rock Star Room

I will go around the room and tell you about Andy's Rock Star Nursery. Curtians were ordered from and are Michael Miller Ta Dot (grey or something), We would like to back it with black lining- but we haven't had time yet. The teal lamp was .50 at a garage sale (and it worked right away and is perfect for nursing in the middle of the night). The trash can was $10 at Target and the color is supposedly "guacamole" but I think it looks pretty lime green. The blanket was made by my sister-in-law Davina and is gray minky (SO SOFT) on one side and Michael Miller Ta Dot Teal fabric on the other side. The pillow was made by my mom and I and we used the Michael Miller Groovy Guitars in Lagoon.
Decals from Simply Said (party-style wall decals), boxes on shelves from Target and Dollar General. Crib was the same one we used for Jay, and crib sheet I bought on Etsy in the same fabric as the pillow mentioned earlier. The crib sheet was $32 on Etsy, but when you think about how much money you save not buying a crib set, and not having the headache of trying to make a sheet it is totally worth it:)
Alumni shoutout (the bear). Jay loved this bear when he was a newborn, because of the black and white colors.
I made these pictures with the intent to put the frames over the crib...
But we decided to leave the shelf that was above the crib there, so we had to split up the pictures.
Basket on top of shelf from Ross, (my pump), and from Dollar General. Frames fom Michaels. Records from the ARC. How I made the HERE.
These pictures I made using photoshop and internet pictures. Frames from Kohls. "A" from Kohls. How I made the pictures in photoshop- tutorial HERE.
I sent my sister some of the leftover fabric and she made these amazing bibs, burp clothes, and diaper holder!!
My sister-in-law Christine found these adorable outfits that match the theme and color perfectly!
My mom and Christine made these adorable mobile peices for the swing (which replace the little birds it came with). They don't match the swing perfectly, but they are so cute!
I attempted to take a picture of baby in his nursery....
But big brother was convinced he needed to be in it.
Still to come (if I ever get time): A mobile that I want to make using drum sticks and guitar picks that might resemble something sort of like this:
I just looked at my "creative spaces" board on pintrest, and I did pretty good coming up with an awesome nursery based on some ideas I found. What is your favorite piece?


Anonymous said...

Cute room and cute kids.
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

I was googling for nurseries using Michael Miller lagoon fabrics and came upon this entry. I couldn't just look and not comment on how cute this room is, love the album frames too!