Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summertime fun...

Today we built a zoo. Jay has never actually been to the zoo, so he says "zoo" but mostly refers to it as "the aminals". We used leftover painters tape from the last time we painted. His favorite is still the Monkeys who have a special spot by where he climbs into bed. So far today we have showed everyone to thier cages, gone around and given all the animals food (thanks to the hay bales that came with the Barn my dad made for him), washed the animals with a duster and the baby bathtub (no actual water involved), and the animals (and Jay) had nap time. One of my goals is that after I show him how to play, he will be able to play independently for longer periods of time. We'll see. I got the idea from a set of creative idea cards we got at a garage sale. You can find that set and the specific idea HERE. The cards are worth the $10 if you can't find a site with these ideas on pintrest:) Luckily, I paid .50. Last week we swam with the neighbors. We also had a lot of fun last week playing with bean bags in the fort. And, because I want to post this on my blog and not just on Facebook, Jay playing "baketball"

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