Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not much going on.


Congratulations to (my sister) LORI, KYLE and CALEB....and welcome to ISAIAH DANIEL FEY. (5 weeks early) Check it out in her blog HERE

I have a post that I plan to write sometime this weekend about my 1st graders paint drawings. Hopefully it is fun to look at.

I put on a fashion show for my mom and sister last week with some of my new clothes deals. Here are the highlights:

John on the other hand did not want to put on a fashion show:)


Anonymous said...

Aw come on John.
Don't you want to model something for us?
That's OK.
Nice clothes, Ang.

Chad said...

Nice...So that's what you had to finish up when I came over. I have really been enjoying the goodies you gave me! I love the healthy soups especially!!