Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doubly good.

Two reasons for writing this post.
#1 I am teaching my school kids about cooking blogs and how useful/fun/delicious they can be/look. Not that I will be able to create anything like that.
#2 I am trying to eat 2 or more fruits and vegetables each day. This doesn't seem like very much to most people, but we are more of a "main dish" couple, and fresh produce is expensive. I usually get more fruits/veggies mixed in with other food.

Yesterday I checked out cameras to my blogging class, and showed them examples of good "cooking" blogs so they could get some inspiration for thier posts next week. One of my favorites is HERE, but it was blocked by our filter at school so I had to find other examples to show them. Today I plan to show them my mediocre example for Blueberry Pancakes.
First, I started with some blueberries that needed to be used up:

I mixed up some Hungary Jack pancake mix (not pictured because I was really hungry and didn't think to take a picture of it). The recipe is on the back of the box, and included milk, oil, and egg(s).(This is turning from mediocre example to a bad example:)

I poured the batter in the pan, and plopped a small handful of blueberries in it.

I fliped it when it was time...and WALLA!

Yummy fruity pancake goodness.

To be fair to my other post purpose, I also made some scrambled eggs with green and red peppers and onions. Going above and beyond...I ate Broccoli in my pasta and had an apple that day!

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the healthy eating!
The pancakes look good.