Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing like cheap reading...

I have very much enjoyed the many free magazines I have gotten in the mail.
I usually read about them on blog sites like the ones on the blogroll of my other blog:
Here is a picture of what I have been reading the last few months:

Some of the magazines I get free for 2-3 months, and some I get free for a whole year. Usually I have to take some kind of survey, answer some questions, or watch some short commercials to get them, but sometimes you just have to sign up. Off the top of my head, some companies I have used are Rewards Gold, and Adperks.

Besides these, I know I have some issues of Martha Stewart Living, Family Circle, and Woman's Day on the way:)

I have only ever had one issue with being billed. I told them that I got a free subscription from online (and mentioned one of the companies) and they took care of it. I give away some of the baby/kids magazines I get to the other teachers at school, and they enjoy it.

Now pretty much all I read is magazines and must be the short attention span:)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun reading.