Friday, July 6, 2007

Jeeping on the 4th

It was an AWESOME 4th of July. John has been telling me about "4-wheeling" or "jeeping" for a long time. This week, I got my first taste of what it is really like.
"Adventures in Jeeping" Volume 1
When we set out for the trails, I was super excited. It started out pretty rocky. Not as in "bad" rocky, just "bumpy" rocky.

But I was tuff enough for the trail!

We checked the map again and headed out.

Soon after, the rain started.

Then the Hail came with a bang.

It seemed like we were in the core of a popcorn popper, with the hail bouncing off the ground all around us.

Although it was pretty scary, we had a blast! I definitely screamed a few happy-scary-screams.

When we got to the top we stopped to check out the views.

After the top, we quickly stopped by some bushes for a pee break. All the rocky bumps, the hail storm, and the caffeine from Starbucks before the trail...were giving me a big urge to go. Even if it was in the bushes. I took a Pict of the jeeps at the stop.

John drove his parents jeep for a bit on the way down.

The lack of anything besides loose gravel next to the edge, made the sightseeing wonderful, and a bit frightful.

When we made it back to the highway, we stopped at a restaurant that was still in the Mts. After we finished eating, 4 fighter jets from the Air Force flew right over top of us in plain view. It was loud and exciting. Apparently they were flying back to the base after making an appearance in Denver for the 4th.

What a fun trip. Thank you Jack and Cherry! John is really excited to get his Land Cruiser going, and to take friends up to the Mts. 4-wheeling.

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Lori said...

WOW! I would be freaked out of my mind! I can just see you giggling nervously and very VERY frightened as you drive by a steep edge. Hahahahahahahahehehehehe! =)
The jeeps look really cool the way!