Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This is my Now

As I sit here not wanting to do much...because it is the last week of school craziness, and I think I have a sinus infection...I am watching American Idol.
The only reason I am asking is because the winning songwriter was Scott Krippayne...a Christian Artist! He was probably more popular when I was younger...but I'm still excited.
I am excited because American Idol is so popular, and for Scott Krippayne and his pastor friend to write and live out thier song is awesome.
What an opportunity to make a difference on a higher stage.
Click here to see the American Idol songwriter contest entries.

I used to be in a Christian Music Club in college. I still love David Crowder Band, and Jeremy Camp...but I'm not as passionate about the movement anymore.

That doesn't mean there aren't great Christian artists making a difference in the world. There are. And to them I say...ROCK ON!

If you want to know of more Christian Artists...check out Mat Kearney. He is a Christian Artist signed with a christian and secular label...and his song "Undeniable" has been a top song on VH1 and many other major radio stations.
Listen closeley to the music in your life. What is it saying?

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