Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Last week, some of the kids at school caught 2 bunnies in the school yard. They were so cute, and the experience reminded me of my family chasing down the baby bunnies in our yard at home. I'm sure it looked hilarous watching us run around in our swimmingsuits, diving in the grass after a bunny. We would keep them as pets...until they died, or until the neigbors came over and "accidentally" freed them. One time in college, some of my guy friends from Canada kept our baby bunny "Morgan" in thier dorm room. He left poop all over!
Sorry if you have a problem with this. I'm not an "animal person", and If I want to catch a wild bunny because it cute...I will.


Lori said...

Oh the memories are flooding in!!
Are you going to keep them?

Anonymous said...

We had a kid bring a wild bunny to school too. The bunny was the hit of recess!
I told the kids I used to catch up to 5 of them each spring.
I also told them --the bunnies usually died, but not always.

Chad said...

Maybe you were to old to remember this...but do you remember flooding the ground squirrels out of their tunnels and running around trying to hit them with our bats?
Josh, Dan, and I, used to do that often. SEE YOU TOMORROW.