Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's December already!

We went to Iowa for ThanksChristmas this year. Since I didn't have the week off, we left Tuesday around 1 and stayed at a hotel in Kearney. The pool was empty (and a little cold), but the boys had a blast. They also loved hanging out with everyone at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Andy enjoyed peeling apples with Grandma (and eating them). John loved his present...and they kids enjoyed plenty of cookies.
Jay has been learning so much at school. The other day he told me that the darker the color carrot, the better it was for you. He also has been loving his helmets that he got for Christmas. He uses my old phone to open the NFL app and line up the helmets according to the matchups for the week. He also gets super excited about the NFL games and can describe them in detail (especially the exciting finished).
I'm not sure how much decorating I will get done this year, so I found a bunch of window clings that I got for 75% off last year. The boys have loved decorating with them (and stuffed animals). It keeps them busy for a LONG time working together (super nice for me so I can just sit). I asked Andy to sit "criss cross apple sauce" and he immediately put bubbles in his mouth and his hands in "the bowl" (his lap). He must be learning something in school.
We went to the local free chili supper/santa/crafts/short lights parade. I sat inside during the parade. It was fun, but not amazing. The previous 2 years had great Santa's, but this one looked a little different. I still had to "convince" andy to sit on his lap, but he did because I let him wear his Darth Vader hoodie. Jay was a little tongue tied and couldn't remember what he wanted for Christmas...but to speed the line along, we told him we would write him a letter.

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Anonymous said...

Fun pictures.
We had a fun Christmas in Iowa.
They look happy to see Santa. :)
Looks like they got lots of candy.
G-ma N