Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Andy-isms and the random things my kids say...

I always here about the classic..."Where do babies come from?", but this past week Andy (3 1/2), and Jay have come up with an onset of random questions and statements.

 It all started with..."Mom, we don't have a chimney do we?" - Jay.

I anticipated all the santa questions afterwords...but then I told him we would be going to grandpa and grandma's house for Christmas and he knows they have a fireplace.

 After that we were in the middle of watching Rudolf the red nosed reindeer...(before we were to the scary part with the abominable snow monster)
So then...in the middle of the movie Jay asked..."When you die...how do you get up to heaven?" I responded with my classic..."What do you think?"

 Later in the week, we were standing in line at Target and Andy was with me, just waiting...when he made an observation: "Mom, why do all the black guys talk Spanish?" I was a little baffled, but I responded with "That's what their mom and dad taught them when they were little":) He was satisfied and his little brain rambled on with some other thought about candy.

 The boys have been wresting a lot more since it is snowy and cold outside. I yell at them to stop a lot, but secretly feel bad that I don't have the energy to organize activities for them. Knowing that family pictures were coming up later this week, and that Jay already had a bruise on his face from yesterday's wrestling session, I half yelled "ANDY, stop wrestling, you are going to get hurt...have you seen Jay's face?" He looked over at Jay's face and said "It looks nice!" and proceeded to tackle his brother.

 In the car, we have been talking about "baby Jellybean a lot more". I talked about how "daddy and mommy decided to have one more baby" and Jay said..."but..how does the baby get in your belly?" Again I said, "What do you think...which proceeded into how the baby grows in the belly and then the conversation turned to Chick-fil-a".

 At suppertime Andy has been in charge of "prayer time" and "happy sappy" time. Yesterday we went around the table saying prayers 3-4 times before we had to cut it off because it was getting excessive. Andy's happy is typically: I get to hug daddy and we are eating supper all together. His sappy is usually that "his friend who steals his toys" was at school that day.


Anonymous said...

Cute pics.
Kid's will always ask lots of questions :)
G-ma N

Lori said...

My favorite is the "It looks nice!" comment. Gotta love how kids' minds work.