Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas week 2015

We spent the majority of the week at Jack and Cherry's this Christmas, while John drove back and forth to work for about 8 trips total! Here are some highlights: Playing in the snow and building a snowman...and placing grandma's bulb lights in a pattern in the snow.
They also rode bikes a bunch the first day before the snow came...which was very exciting because Jay got a new bike and Andy got a new helmet for christmas.
The next night was the Block Christmas party, which was a lot of fun:
We had family Christmas the next night:
The boys got to go sledding with grandpa and grandma a few times:
We went back up for Christmas eve service where we played and sang and Jay was a shepherd and Andy was an angel:
On Christmas morning we opened a present that Kristie wrapped for us with an ornament with either pink or blue glitter in it. I will do another post on that with pictures, and our Photo shoot that morning. There were a lot of games of Jenga...
Some "throw the animals over the balcony, much wrestling, and of course bedtime stories of goldilocks...
Even though it was cold, they played a few rounds of football outside:
Good times!

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Fun pics!
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