Monday, October 14, 2013

October 2013

I can't believe Andy is 17 months, and Jay is a blossoming 3 year old. School and life have been super busy, but we have had a few seconds for fun here and there. Also, these last few weeks have been full of sickness, with crazy colds, Croupe for the little guy, diarreah, and everything in between. It is very nice when we are all healthy. In between school meetings, conferences, and John's work things the boys have been at babysitters a lot too. One day in between school and a tech meeting, I had the boys for about an hour between babysitters and I took them to the closest pumpkin patch I could find because it was a nice day. We had time to get 2 pumpkins, play on a few things and eat a snack...then we left. I still got some cute pictures though.
Also, there is this cute picture of the boys shaving!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics!
G-ma N