Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kid videos Jay 3 1/4, Andy 16 months

Andy Reading:

Jay found an old toy that must have been John's. He walked around asking everyone if they wanted "chips" for 2 days and then pulling the canister open. Andy was most impressed even after the hundredth time. Also, I got Jay the cutest shirt on clearance online....with a cape!

They look so cute drawing at the table, but Andy's face reveals his true nature:

What is it about straws that my boys love? Perhaps that they can double as drumsticks?
Doesn't every little boy need to shave with their dad sometime?

Andy+Cornbread muffin+ yogurt= BATH

Jay didn't nap the other day, and fell asleep in the chair at 6:40. Andy took advantage of the situation, by stealing his Monkey and pinching him:)


Anonymous said...

How Cute!!!!
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see in my old album the pic of John at that age (standing on toilet lid also, in blue PJs) "shaving" with his dad? Reminded me of that picture right away. Grandma S