Saturday, October 26, 2013

Costume fun..Jay at 3...Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty

We found a fun event to go to this Saturday where the boys got candy and since Jay's costume was pretty awesome we entered him in a costume contest. He didn't win a prize, but he did great and got some of the loudest cheers from the crowd. It was also fun seeing everyone else's reaction when he would walk by. This is at home before we left.

On the way to the event, this was in someone's side yard right next to the sidewalk. Jay wanted to throw leaves at me:)

Here is him walking on stage at the costume contest:
Can you find him?
Waiting in line at the Chick-Fil-A booth (we got some coupons for free stuff)

Who can resist a picture with a cow?

Andy never had all of his costume on at any point today. It was too hot to put the main part on in the stroller, so he ended up with the ears and some things on his feet for most of the trick or treating. I'm sure there will be cuter pictures later. We have an event on Tuesday and Thursday is "wear your costume" at pre-school, trick or treat at John's work, and around the block at night.


Anonymous said...

I think Jay should have won a prize. That's a cute costume.
Andy is a cute monkey!
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

Absolutely so cute...I have got to have them model the outfits for me tomorrow!