Monday, October 8, 2012

Sayings and Phrases video

As an assignment for my masters class I needed to make a video, but didn't have a lot of requirements. I decided I wanted it to be something my students could learn from, and I wanted Jay to be in it. The first graders at my school (Core Knowledge School) need to learn specific sayings and phrases. We usually create powerpoints, but our server has been having issues and we are behind. I created this video to help them understand the sayings and phrases. I also filmed them saying the phrases and used the audio. Enjoy. I can't figure out why it is off centered. Here is the link to the youtube clip where it is right HERE.


Anonymous said...

This is really cute!
G-ma N

Chelsea's Attic said...

My kids LOVED this. Chloe turned to me and said "is this Sesame Street?" This was so cute!