Saturday, October 13, 2012

Planning the costumes

I saw this halloween costume idea when I was pregnant with Andy and I thought it was adorable:
When Jay got a Manning Jersey (from TJ Maxx for 12.99) and we got some hand-me down football pants from my sister, I decided we could make it happen. I found a brown onsie at the ARC, a brown hat at once upon a child, and some pads for Jay's costume at goodwill. Now I need to figure out how to finish off the costumes. I took some pictures to help me decide what to do next.
I call this one "fumble" because the football got away from him.
So far I have searched for a helmet, but have not found anything that is even remotely light enough to stay on his head. I looked for kleats, but I don't think they make them that he may just wear tennis shoes. I plan on finding some of those under the eye tatoos for Jay, and cutting off the lower arm part of the pads he is wearing because they just a bit too bulky. For Andy I probably want to make the center strip of masking tape a bit thinner. I never imagined he would be this chunky at 5 months, but he is still adorable:) What else could I do to round out the costumes?


Anonymous said...

They look adorable!
G-ma N

Lori said...

Love this idea! I laughed out loud at the Fumble picture. :) Not sure what else to do. I think you got this one in the bag--don't think you need to do much more. Super duper cute!