Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow day

It was a wonderful day today. John had the day off, I had a snow day, and it was Jay's first snow that he could actually play in. When he woke up he walked right up to the window and said "wow!" about 10 times. I only got the end on video.. then he was interested in his early Christmas present from Grandpa and grandma.

John was out at 7am pounding on trees to shake the snow off the leaves. He also shoveled off the picnic table and a few other places. One of our branches in the back did break, but we saved the rest. This is also significant because ever since I have known John (8 years) he has always plowed snow when it snows. With his new job, he no longer has those responsibilities and it is pretty nice.
We ended up going sledding in the yard. We invited the neigbor boy to join in the fun, and they fit in the sled so nice.


Anonymous said...

very cute.. I know John likes his new job and the ability to play in the snow rather than work in it.....Trish

Anonymous said...

You can have the snow.
I'm glad we don't.
Jay's WOW is so cute
and show is fun to play in.
G-ma N