Saturday, October 8, 2011

Feelings lately

Yesterday was the first day I actually felt guilty for being a working mom. It is remarkable actually, becuase Jay is 15 months old and he started going to the babysitter when he was 3 months old.
I dropped him off at one babysitter and then picked him up and dropped him off at another babysitter because I had parent teacher conferences. Finally at 6:15 I picked him up and we went home to spend an hour and a half together before bedtime. The main culprit to the guilty feeling is that I wasn't feeling good and I wanted to be at home with Jay (not at school).
Jay on the other hand was thrilled to have such excitement in one day. The first babysitter (on his first day) took him to the park and he got to play in the sand. The next babysitter has three kids and he LOVES thier toys. He never cried when I dropped him off and wasn't eager to leave either. I guess it was my feeling, not his.
I also think he has had such awesome babysitters that I have never had to worry about how or what he was doing.

We had his 15 month dr. appointment this week. He is 25 lbs and 31 inches tall. 60th and 50th percientile. He has reached all the develomental milestones and he is getting 2 molars on his right side.

The teeth don't seem to have bothered him much at all because he is a happy camper most of the time.

Silly things I want to remember about these months: He loves dipping everything. Today he learned to dip his quesadilla in sour cream. He is happiest when we go outside for 1/2 hour or more when we get home from babysitter/school. He is facinated with opening and closing things and going up and down small steps (he still can't do the big set of steps). He does not have the patience to learn many things unless they are funny. I am trying to make things I want him to learn (nose, eyes, mouth...) funny so he will learn them. He loves climbing on things, but when he gets up there he says "sit down" and points down (because he knows that we are going to say that). He also loves throwing things in the washer and dryer for me, and can say "shoes", "eye", "do-dur" (yogurt), and more.
He doesn't actually point down in this video, but it is still cute.
I can't get the embed to work so here is the link:


Anonymous said...

The video was cute!
You didn't mind going to the babysitter either when you were little.
G-ma N

Sarah said...

I feel the same way during conference week (which is this week too). Although Dan picks up Rebecca and then I get to hear about all the fun things she got to do with Dad :)

I was at school last night until 8pm and have to do it again tomorrow - ugh!