Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch round 2

Since John and I BOTH had the day off Wed. we took Jay to another pumpkin patch I heard about. It was a little further away than I expected, but judging by this picture...totally worth it:
We did some normal outdoor things, like.. checking out the goats,
Climbing in the hay,
Then we decided to put Jay on his first barrel train ride.
He seemed excited...and SMALL.
John followed the little blue hat (that was all we could see of him) halfway around the track, but he was fine, so we let him have his ride:)
Of course Jay's favorite thing was grandpa's version of a tractor...the Dukes of Hazard lawn mower:)
He was even doing the "pbbbbb" and "rrrrr" sounds
He definetly did not want to take the time to pose for pictures with Mommy.
I took this picture for Caleb and Isaiah who love all things "Cars".
Fun times.


Anonymous said...

What fun!
He had a great time!
Thanks for the cute pics.
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

What a fun place...Jack and I need to go with you all next year!