Thursday, May 26, 2011


Being a stay at home mom (SAHM)for the summer (for the past 4 days)...has been interesting. Jay has been very clingy but I'm not sure if he has an ear infection, if he is teething again, or if he is just so excited I'm around he wants to be near me all the time. (note: he does not want to be held, he just wants to touch me)

I have LOVED the moments racing him back and forth in the little tykes car, we had a blast playing outside every day (except Tuesday), and he loves taking walks and runs in the stroller which has been great for me too.
Besides entertaining him, I have sorted through a lot of clothes I had packed away in the basement. Yipee my pre-pregnancy clothes fit...but I still am not liking the pudge above my belly button.

I have also been planning Jay's 1st birthday party. It is so fun to get to be creative again!! We are doing a MONSTER BASH party, and I have SOOO many ideas I think I am going to have to limit myself.

Also, last week my sister had a baby!!! Welcome little Livia. She is adorable (in the pictures I have seen) and I can't wait to meet her. Go HERE for pictures.

Just for fun here are some pictures from the week. This is a Curious George outfit my mom found at a garage sale. I would consider Jay a curious little man, and he sleeps with a curious george stuffed animal, so it works:)

My sister made the "rock on" shirt, and the collared shirt is hand-me down from her boys. Too bad I threw it in the wash with a red shirt so it turned pink, then I bleached it and it faded the green. Oh well, it is still cute.

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Anonymous said...

He looks so cute in the Curious George outfit.