Saturday, May 28, 2011

Planning the party

So, I might be weird for saying this but I have been looking foreword to planning my child's birthday party since I was in college. I love planning events, and I love themes even more. I think I get the love of themes from my mom who has a new "reading room" theme every year for her classroom.

I was thinking about saving all my party ideas for the party and then doing a big blog about everything...but I am just too excited to wait. Being creative is a big part of me, but I feel like I have taken the last 2 years off from it because I was sick when I was pregnant and then I had a colicky baby when I was home.

Here are a few things I have done for Jay's first birthday party so far.
I bought a set of digital clip art from Etsy for $3.25 and am using the monsters as a theme for my party. The monsters are can find them here.

Here was my first project: Pin the eye on the monster:)

Here are the eyes. I hope to have kids decorate their "eye" with markers or crayons, then play the game with their special eye.

I used Photoshop to take the eye off the monster and paste it in an 8.5x11 document and then reproduce for printing (on card stock). I took the poster to a copy place and got all my invitations, the poster and the 2 copies of eyes for $7.

I also finished the invitations. I used a picture of Jay wearing a monster hat that my friend Chelsea took. See her blogs HERE and HERE. Then I used my monsters from Etsy and added party hats, balloons and strings using the artwork and brushes in Photoshop Elements. I also downloaded a few fonts from
I blurred a few of the details using liquify in Photoshop.

Like it?


Anonymous said...

The party looks like fun!
Love the pin the eye on the monster.

Chelsea Ellingson said...

SO cute! Like, seriously so cute. I love the monsters!! There's so much you can do with that theme and it's not, like, Cars or Toy Story or every other "boy" theme out there. :-) Great work! I can't wait to see the rest!

Dan and Sarah said...

Like it? I LOVE it! You are going to have so much fun. And I'm sure Jay will too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think my kids early parties were pretty dull compared to this! Sounds like fun. Cherry