Thursday, May 19, 2011

New discoveries

Jay still isn't walking-although he is cruising along next to everything and crawling faster than we can jump (usually to shut the bathroom door so he doesn't "explore" the toilet).

His current favorites include opening and closing things, hitting things, pushing things (especially pushing buttons), ripping things up, and getting into places where he shouldn't be:)
He still loves peek-a-boo, singing (other people singing), eating crackers, and baths.

He LOVES other kids and he never cries when I bring him to the nursery or the babysitter, mostly (I think) because there are other kids there to look at and play with. He is not a big sharer of toys yet, and doesn't listen when Alysa (the babysitters 3 year old daughter) tells him to stop hitting her toys, but he would rather smile at kids than push them over.
I thought this outfit looked so handsome on him.

Just today he discovered the toilet paper roll dispenser.

One more day of school left! I can't wait to blog more this summer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He looks more grown up with
the blue jeans and jacket.
Cute, Cute!
G-ma N