Friday, January 21, 2011

Jay can sit

Jay has made so much progress in the last week. Last weekend he went from sitting for 10 seconds (average) and this weekend he has already stayed upright for 4 min. a few times! He also has been really eating carrots. We introduced green beans a few days ago (which seemed OK to him) and I tried mixing a little bit of apple juice in with the rice cereal to see if he would consider eating it. He did, but he still doesn't love it. Thanks for all the food advice- after making him attempt to eat baby food almost every day for 2 weeks it HAS gotten better.
Here are two picture of him sitting. I noticed his eyes were beautiful in the pictures SOC (straight out of camera) but I played around with them for about 5 min. to get them to pop.

How awesome is this sunset picture I took from our driveway! Pictures never do it justice, but the mountains always make it look extra glorious.

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Lori said...

Yay Jay!!!!!! Way to go!!

I love your pj's, too. :)

p.s. if that picture didn't do the sunset justice, that must've been one heck of a sunset. the picture is amazing!! a little jealous...