Saturday, January 15, 2011

Food update

So I tried a lot harder this week to feed him baby food. Today it seemed like he got the "opening mouth and mommy shoving food in" part, but he still doesn't really eat it. We also tried setting Cheerios in front of him twice this week. Mostly he just played with them and threw them on the floor. When he did put it in his mouth he spit it right back out. Does it matter how much food I feed him or how long he is sitting there while we attempt to feed him? I have used 1 medium sized jar of carrots (pouring it out and combining it with oatmeal cereal) all week and he still hasn't finished it. We are normally giving up after 10-15 minutes because he looses interest. I've also let him play with his own silverware and he seems to enjoy that.

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Anonymous said...

Keep trying.....he'll get it:) I think Matt had more on his face than in his tummy most days! Jessie never really at baby food....she spit it out till she could do it herself. She's 14 and healthy...and still very stubborn....go figure;)