Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5 months

Jay turned 5 months today. He has had many accomplishments.
He can roll over multiple times. He especially does it when he is MAD:) He grabs everything and has a super strong grip. I have special earrings and necklaces I wear only for work and take off right when I get home so he doesn't pull them off. This morning he broke another one of my necklaces while I nursed him for a few min. before I left.
He holds a bottle by himself for a few minutes (but we are always there for support).
I didn't get his height or weight yet for this month. He still loves his exersaucer and other toys. He has been somewhat crabby the last few days and has had a temperature of 98-99.7 off and on since last weekend. Some people have told me that he could be teething and by the way he chews on EVERYTHING they could be right, but I don't feel any teeth.
He saw his first snow:
Everyone says he has grown so much. I see babies a few weeks old now and I agree...he has grown a lot!
Here are a few more pictures from our Thanksgiving trip.
My mom loves this picture and thinks he looks like a doll.

We got together with friends from high school:

He hung out with his cousins:

What a fun trip.


Lori said...

We LOVED seeing him. I honestly can't wait to see him again. I made his doll yesterday. Start thinking of a name...

Anonymous said...

So Cute! I can't believe
he is five months already.
G-ma N