Sunday, November 14, 2010

All the things I have been meaning to post...

or at least the things I can remember.
I was super pumped to go shopping on Saturday while Grandma and Grandpa watched baby Jay. I started out having a blast going to a few stores...then I got down to business and started shopping for a pair of tan pants for work that fit. An entire mall and 3 stores later I found NOTHING. Some stores even told me they only stock tan pants in the spring. GRRR baby weight. GRRR my oddly shaped stomach. At least I got a sweatshirt and a pair of shoes that fit.

Jay has started blowing bubbles now. It mostly just adds more moisture to his drool-soaked bibs. It is pretty cute though. Another thing that is super cute is HATS.

It is so funny to watch a baby go through the process of pooping. First they squirm and whine and fart because they have to poo. Then they concentrate seriously on something (Jay likes his dino lamp). Then he pulls up his legs, his face gets flushed and he grunts. After a few times of that his eyes start watering a bit and the grunts get louder and louder until he poops. Then it starts to smell:) It's even more funny when it happens during the sermon at church.

I took Jay out shopping quite a few times this week. Once with John and we took turns holding him, and twice when I wore him in the baby bjorn that someone let us have. He really likes facing out and being able to see everything in the isles. I have gotten TONS of comments on how cute he is and how blue his eyes are. I agree that he is adorable, but after a while I get sick of smiling at all the people who are smiling at the baby. I did get a funny reaction from some college guys...but they might have been trying to impress the girls they were with. Babies are just cute, and I guess Jay can brighten other peoples lives.

Jay now understands the car seat and how it is a place where you stare or sleep. He usually only makes a few squawks or whimpers for a few minutes before he is quiet. On our drive to grandma and grandpas house he slept almost the whole time (an hour and a half). I wonder if we can train him to stare or sleep when we are trying to do our homework?:)


Anonymous said...

I hope he likes the car
seat on the way to IA.
Can't wait to see him.
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

I had SO MUCH fun taking Jay around the cul de sac for "Show and Tell" and getting to watch him yesterday. Thanks for bringing him down for his first visit!!!! Grandma Shaler

Lori said...

He really is just so cute though. You got-sta admit this! And his eyes just make everything that much better.

Love the pooping in church story. :) Caleb had the hiccups once during a prayer in church--and his hiccups are man-sized. Gotta love their little farts in church too.

You'll find some pants with us! Hopefully. :0)