Thursday, February 4, 2010

"These pretzels are makin me thirsty"

"These pretzels are makin me thirsty" is a line from Seinfeld where Kramer gets a line in a movie and tries to come up with the best way to say it. (Photo from the 80's website)

I have been thinking about that line a lot lately because I am saying to myself, "This baby is making me sick" in some of the same voices he uses.

I love baby Shaler, but I still have those bad nausea days and nights and I can't remember feeling "good" anymore. It is nice being able to see the pictures and video from the that when people say it will all be worth it in the end- I can SEE when they mean:)

They said at the ultrasound that baby shaler was measuring a bit small- but I expected that based on many things. It wasn't enough to change my due date, so that will stay at June 20 but I will expect to go late.

Everything else went great at the appointment. According to the ultrasound tec. he looks like a "very healthy baby". I think John had a hard time seeing the baby right away (it does just look like a bunch of white moving around), but eventually he understood where the parts were.

I still avoid meat and lots of other foods on my bad days, but on my good days I can eat about anything...especially ice cream. I think ice cream is really the only thing besides salad that I have craved and I eat a salad every day.

Here is my 20 wks. picture (taken shortly after I polished off a DQ Blizzard).

I see my midwife again in less than 3 weeks, so hopefully they will say I have gained some weight- because it feels like I have!

Right now I am spending some time worrying about what to do with my flex benefits at work. If I have the baby before June 30, my current flex benefits can be used, but if he comes on July 1 or after then next years flex benefits need to be used. AHHH...
John told me the other day that he learned in Human Growth and Development (one of his classes) that a pregnant mother should not be stressed out because it can be bad for the baby. I hope that means he will continue doing the dishes and cooking for himself...because it makes me happy:)

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Anonymous said...

You are looking good!
Hope you feel better.
I think dishes give you stress, so of course John should do them. :)