Sunday, February 21, 2010

Isn't it Ironic

As the snow came down this weekend, John and I found ourselves in the house together almost all weekend (which rarely happens). At times it was quite amusing:

Me: "John, some animal has been frolicking in our backyard...come look at the tracks in the snow."
John: "hmm...looks like the white dog next door. Yep, definitely that dog. We should call animal control about it."
John: "Although our neighbor who owns the dog IS the animal control officer in our town- so that might be pointless."

(Watching Simpson's together in our small computer room)
Me: "Baby must like Simpson's- because he is moving around a bunch...or maybe he likes the almond pattie I ate"
John: (hits pause and picks up his drum sticks next to the snare drum and starts playing a few beats which happen to be very loud because we are in a small room)
Me: "I guess now would be the time to play Baby some music...he can hear stuff"
John: (pausing)"I'm trying to think of something soothing for the little guy" (Starts playing again)
Me: (Laughing)"I think anything you play on a snare drum in a small room is going to be violent and scary for him, but you can go for soothing."

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you both still have your sense of humor.:)
May all the snow melt.:)