Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pregnancy thoughts at 21 weeks

These are random thoughts, but I felt like sharing them.

I had a dull pain in the right side of my abdomen tonight. I was concerned for a while- John just assumed it was the baby growing...and he was right. I found my answer HERE
"Round ligament pain is due to normal changes that take place in the body during pregnancy. It is caused by stretching of the round ligaments attached to the uterus. More commonly it occurs on the right side of the pelvis." Interesting. Well- maybe not considering I ate 3 homemade pizza burgers for supper.

I have had more cravings lately- many of them involving peanut butter. Blue Bunny Ice cream was on sale and I got some "peanut butter panic". YUM.

I realized that almost all I have drank for the last month is water. Almost all fruit juice has citric acid in it, and I don't like drinking milk (except chocolate milk- and chocolate is off limits because of heartburn)...so WATER it is. I do vary it up some with cold water and hot water:)

Wearing pregnancy clothes is so fun. I even hauled out some shirts that before pregnancy made me look a bit fat. Now I don't care if I look fat:) Also, I can wear tennis shoes with any outfit and no one ever questions it.

The acne at this stage of pregnancy is ridiculous. I have tried all my normal OTC acne face washes and lotions. I have resorted to plain water for the most part, and that doesn't work either.

Someone told me when I was 9 weeks pregnant to start buying diapers now. I was very timid and even stood in the diaper isle with coupons in hand...but I gave the coupons away to a new mom who was buying diapers. This week I did start buying some diapers at Walgreens on a super sale. After all my coupons and RR deals they were $2.99 for a 40pk.

Pro's of being pregnant: the only year my new years resolution can be to "eat more", pregnancy clothes, I get to buy baby clothes not just for gifts, the obvious end result:)

Con's of being pregnant: NAUSEA and sickness- especially the kind that doesn't go away after the first trimester, heartburn, not great sleep (mostly because of nausea), bad acne.

I'm over half way...WOO HOO!
I was feeling not very crafty after seeing Lori's post about making PANTS, and Sarah's post about lining a bag...then I saw this on Vanilla Bean's blog and I felt better:)


Anonymous said...

Glad you know what the dull pain is. There's enough stuff to think about. :)
Hang in there. As my mother would say, "It's not permanent!"
Preg clothes ARE comfortable-enjoy!

Kt said...

I have horrible acne as well - heard through the grapevine that Belli face wash is supposed to work. I might be ordering myself some soon!